10 Best Truck Bed Kennels for Dogs

There are times when we need a companion to travel with. Many people have the best companions in their pet’s form. But traveling with your pet is not an easy challenge for us. But now, with the truck bed kennels, these challenges are not enough to make you worried.

You can use these truck bed kennels for dogs while traveling with your canine friend and also use them to supervise your pet if you are not around. Keeping your pet free if you are not available can cause many problems and safety issues for your pet.

So, if you need a carefree life with your pet and ease of traveling whenever and wherever you want, then you are at the right place. I hope you will find your desired product after reading our article. Keep reading to find a durable and convenient truck bed kennel for your pet in a very short time.

Buying guide for truck bed kennels:


The truck bed kennel will not give us complete dog protection but will provide some. You need to ensure one important thing that your dog will not escape from the dog cage while you are walking around.

 So, a key-locked truck bed kennel must be your priority while choosing the truck bed kennel. The key lock will also provide security for an unauthorized person. I chose the cage attached to the truck bed to make it easier to use.


Some truck bed kennels are designed for crash or accident situations to provide maximum protection to the pet.  Rigidity in truck bed kennel is an important point of consideration while buying the dog cage.

The materials that are resistant to breakage and collapse are used in truck bed kennels for rigidity. For this metal truck bed, the kennel is preferable to the plastic ones. A few collapsing metal truck bed kennels are available in the market, but they are made for ease of transport into the stores.


Durability is an important point as security because the truck bed kennels are always exposed to road debris and different elements daily. Galvanized metals are better than the commonly used ones because they last longer. Metal truck bed kennel gets rusted if exposed to the water frequently.

Plastic dog kennel for truck beds is resistant to moisture, but they get scratched easily when exposed to gravel, rocks, and other things. Getting scratched or dinged is not as harmful as rust; rust might affect the dog’s health, but scratches can’t.

 Suitable Size

While selecting the truck bed kennel for your pet, make sure to choose the proper size. The size of a dog kennel for a truck bed is important for the comfort of the dog. The dog needs to lay down, stand up, and turn around in the cage, so a suitable size is needed compared with dog size.

If the cage size is too large for the pet, then the dog may throw around in the cage during an accident, which is quite harmful to the pet. So, select something not too big too small for your dog.

 Tie-Down Pins

Tie-down pins are used for security purposes in truck bed kennels to provide an attachment place for straps. These pins are unnecessary because they sometimes have their disadvantages as they might strap down the crates of truck beds.

But the main point is the pet’s security, so think thoroughly before you buy your truck bed kennel.

 Insulated Walls

The extreme temperature in cold and hot seasons might affect your dog’s health. While riding the truck bed kennel, it might get chilly or warm during summer.

Height wind cab also affects the dog’s health. So, select a truck bed kennel with insulated walls for the protection of pets in extreme conditions.

You still don’t need to worry if you already have a truck bed kennel with insulating walls. Just go and buy an insulating cover for your kennel and place it over the crate easily.

 Rain-Deflecting Vents

Dogs are sensitive to the rain and easily get hypothermia (body temperature decreases than normal) when they get wet, even after the fur is on their bodies.

So, a truck bed kennel with rain deflecting vents should be selected. These vents are constructed to stop the water from pouring inside the kennels.


The number of doors in the truck bed kennel is also a point of consideration while buying the truck. All the number of doors have their pros. By observing the area where you want to put the kennel, you can choose the number of doors.

For small poppies, multiple training doors are convenient. A two-door kennel is a good option for a place that needs a side door, and if the place is not large enough, then one door kennel is also a good option.

Chewing habit

Suppose the dog has the habit of being anxious or chewing, then soft material kennels are not a good option. If you want to choose plastic over metallic kennels, choose nonchewable plastics.

Putting some dry food or toys may distract the dog from his chewing habit. The right size is also important to reduce the anxiety and chewing of dogs.


Choice of material in truck bed kennel is important in terms of storage if you’ll not need to use the kennel in the future. Wire dog kennels and soft-sided material is easy to break down and store.

Plastic material in kennels is difficult to deal with because it is difficult to break and store. The temperature of the area where a person lives is also important for material choice. The kennel’s size also affects its storage.

Before selecting the truck bed kennel, it’s good to read some buying guides and consider all the points before deciding. After observing your place, environment, dogs’ habits, you should select the right kennel for your pets.

Top truck bed kennels for Dogs




Owens Dog Box (55015)

MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

Bushwhacker Paws n Claws K9 Canopy

UWS Northern 2-Door Deep Dog Box

4×4 North America dog transport kennel

 Petmate Ruffmaxx Outdoor Dog Kennel

Impact Collapsible Aluminum Dog Crate

1. Owens Dog Box (55015)

Owens Dog Box (55015)

The OWENS truck bed kennel box is a heavy cage for truck beds. This dog cage is designed for dogs’ safety and security purposes. Different sizes such as 550485500255046, and 55077 are available. The 55015 cage is available only in one size of 30” x 20” 24”).


  • Material: aluminum
  • Weight: 40 kilograms
  • Doors/ levels numbers: one
  • For safety purposes, rough aluminum construction truck bed kennel
  • T handles locking for security
  • Removable storm door facility
  • Plastic ridged aluminum construction
  • Easily take apart for transport purpose
  • Various sizes available
  • All seasons’ vents with no storage box for dog
  • Rugged material for safety purposes

    2. MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

    MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

    MidWest Homes are truck bed kennels where a pet feels the comfort just as hone. The crate is adjustable in Midwest kennels; one can fit the size of the crate according to the size of their pet.

    Its features make it safe and convenient for pets. A free divider panel is present in the kennel to adjust the size. Some patented clips at the sides are present to reinforce the cage and decrease the sharp joints for making a safe environment for the pet and owner.


    • Material: metal
    • Dimensions: 24 x 18 x 19 inches
    • Weight: 13 kilograms
    • Free divider panel
    • Durable tray for dog
    • Ruller and handles
    • One year warranty
    • Portable design and easy assembly
    • Lock system
    • Safe and comfortable

      3. Bushwhacker Paws n Claws K9 Canopy

      Bushwhacker Paws n Claws K9 Canopy

      This truck bed kennel is not a true kennel but gives the protection of pets in low risky circumstances. Designed for hanging purpose in parks or beaches and also protect the pets from different elements.

      The truck bed kennel has a canopy of polyester that provides a shield from harsh sun and rain, which are harsh conditions for the pet’s health. This kennel provides a comfortable environment for pets.


      • Material: polyester
      • Dimensions: 33 x 4 x 30 inches
      • Number of levels: one
      • Weight: 11.73 kilograms
      • A 600-denier canopy (48” x 32” x 30”) of polyester from harsh environment protection
      • Mesh sides for road debris protection
      • Comfortable cushion pad (½-inch foam)
      • Leash clip tether
      • Sun and rain protection system
      • Good quality
      • Light-weighted
      • Easy to set up
      • No protection from accident
      • Chewable tether

      4. UWS Northern 2-Door Deep Dog Box

      UWS Northern 2-Door Deep Dog Box

      This truck bed kennel is a secure and safe box that provides dogs with a warm and comfy environment, especially in winter. This is a special truck bed kennel that is designed to keep two dogs simultaneously, having a non-removable divider in it.

      This truck bed kennel has a steel lock system with corrosion-resistant construction. The truck cage has an extra thick lining to increase the protection for two dogs. The lid can open on either side to convince


      • Material: plastic
      • Weight: 30 kilograms
      • Dimensions: 48 x 48 x 31.25 inches
      • Number of doors: two
      • Nonremovable divider to keep two dogs at the same time
      • To keep the dogs warmer insulated lids facility is available
      • Rust resistance aluminum construction
      • Two lock keys with stainless steel T shaped handles
      • Amazing features
      • Two dogs retaining capacity
      • Light-weighted
      • Expensive

      5. 4×4 North America dog transport kennel

      4×4 North America dog transport kennel

      This truck bed kennel is carefully engineered for the safety of pets. It’s the only kennel that passes the roll-over and front-rear crash test. The only important point of its construction s the safety of the dog. The kennel is made of high-quality material to overcome the effect of every accident.

      An emergency hatch for escape is present with powder-coated steel in it. In the locking system, gas hydraulic springs are used for motion which keeps the kennels locked while traveling and make them secure due to its advanced lock system.


      • Only truck bed kennel passes front, rear, and roll over crash test.
      • 14 different adjustable sizes.
      • Available in six sizes
      • Springs with gas hydraulic motions are available in the lock system
      • Weight: 378 kilograms
      • Dimensions:  32.28 x 27.55 x 30.7 inches
      • Door number: one
      • Emergency hatch for escape
      • Powder-coated steel construction for high quality
      • Assembly problems
      • Bending material

      6. Petmate Ruffmaxx Outdoor Dog Kennel

      Petmate Ruffmaxx Outdoor Dog Kennel

      An outdoor truck bed kennel made of plastic material. This kennel is designed to carry the pets outside the house. It is composed of heavy plastic that provides a secure carrier kennel for dogs. Because of its outdoor use, the design is pretty simple and easy to set up.

      The truck bed kennel can carry only small pets. The kennel has handles and covers for the compartment for convincing. A proper ventilation system is also presented for pets.


      • Material: plastic
      • Dimensions: 28 x 21.5 x 20.5 inches
      •  Weight: 5.35 pounds kilograms
      • Can carry pet of 20-25 kilogram of weight
      • Easy to carry
      • Use both as crate and carrier
      • No escape for dogs
      • Ventilation for fresh air
      • Strong dogs might bite their way out

      7. Impact Collapsible Aluminum Dog Crate

      Impact Collapsible Aluminum Dog Crate

      The impact collapsible truck bed kennel is a heavy dog cage for truck bed but provides benefit due to its easy storage collapsing property. Even if its primary purpose is to use it as a shipping container, but also made an amazing truck bed kennel for pets.

      Although this dog kennel for truck bed is durable, no truck bed provides us the complete security for a pet with escape habits and anxiety. For 22 inches tall dogs the medium size 30″L x 19″W x 22″H, for dogs with 29 inches height and 70-kilogram weight the large size 35″L x 25″W x 29″His perfect.


      • Material: aluminum
      • Weight: 100 kilograms
      • Color: tan
      • Doors/level numbers: one
      • Collapsible Aluminum truck bed kennel (0.063 aluminum construction)
      • Powder-coated
      • Rust resistant
      • Crushproof corners caps
      • Eight inches three crossbars to increase rigidity
      • Proper Ventilation
      • Carrying handle’s
      • Automatically locked “slam latches.”
      • Available in different sizes
      • Good quality
      • Safe for escape prone pets
      • Difficulty in management of collapsing and assembling
      • Hand truck needed to move around the kennel


      The pets for use are just like a family, friend, and kid. We used to carry them with us all the time. But to carry them, we need to care about their comfort while traveling or to carry them. Our dog’s health is as important as ours, and they are more sensitive than us.

      Truck bed kennels are very comfortable and convenient technology. Our pets can feel at ease while we are traveling and if we are out of their range. These truck bed kennels have all the properties in them for our canine friend’s comfort.

      We provide you with an article that will help you choose the best truck beds kennels for your pets. Take a small glance to get useful information about your need.

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